French Power

April 23, 2020

Another thinker who the author does not cite nor works with its reflections on the power, is the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who studied the relations of inside of the capitalist society. The philosopher places that to be able he is not on alone to the State (the power politician), but is present inside of other institutions of the society, as in the schools, the hospitals, the arrests, the unions, etc. To know more about this subject visit Samsung. For Foucault forms of exercises of being able different of the State, the one exist that act in varied ways, the power are not alone in the State, exist practical relations and of being able that they permeiam for all structural the social one. It exists inside of the society what Foucault flame of micron-powers, the relations of being able gifts in the social institutions in which it molds the form individuals to discipline and standardized. Learn more about this with Mikkel Svane. Another interesting point in pensamente of Foucault regarding the power it is the relation that establishes between being able and to know, thus according to philosopher all form to know it produces to be able. They are questions as it is that they deserve also to be thought, since all in them we are beings politicians and we produce some form to know, about our day-day in the social relations, the family, the work, the university we are having relations of also being able..

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