Effective PR Work Using Suitable Tools

November 18, 2014

Expertise, transparency and reliability: MediNetworkManager simplifies communication processes in press and PR agencies PR responsible in press offices and agencies are today more than ever the responsibility to provide efficient communication services and systematically to demonstrate their achievements. Specialized tools simplify the daily PR work and assist in the care of journalist and media contacts: Outlook, notes, clippings data need to be collected and maintained, optimally organized releases. The professional MediNetworkManager of PR software enables efficient contact management, campaigning and PR controlling. On May 18 is Josef Schmaus, Managing Director of V.G.I marketing company Internet mbH, at a meeting of the DPRG-Berlin-Brandenburg group the MediNetworkManager MnM before an efficient, Web-based solution for the daily work for company – press and PR agencies. More information about the event, see dprg.enpress.de/TDet.aspx?id=2043 effective PR work is based on the Knowledge of workflows on the reliability of PR content tools and comprehensive distribution know-how.

To send a press release to selected contacts, belongs to the standard requirements for PR managers in agencies and businesses. But not infrequently, the press offices with outdated mailing lists and impractical Outlook programs is torture. The timely and detailed maintenance and updating of media and journalist contacts through the MnM also allows as the precise documentation of daily workflows: what topics in the newsletter came on special resonance? How successful was the last release? The daily press will work lone significantly more transparent and easier for teams in press and PR agencies as well as for PR”. Media contacts are bundled in the MnM in a simple way, structured in campaigns, and specifically contacted. Also with regard to the Organization and carrying out of press campaigns, which provides MediNetworkManager key services: campaigns can thanks to the precise mapping of contacts to various media, are areas of expertise and distributors easier, faster and more accurately organized and carried out more.

The customization makes it possible for PR agencies exactly comply with the substantive and temporal objectives of the campaigns. The systems were developed in close collaboration with the PR professionals of the outline online Medien GmbH and steadily over long periods of time the customer is running and optimized. The MnM is the third software component of nSuite series by V.G.I. The editorial and content-management-system enPress allows easy updating of Web content, the publication and the CI-compliant delivery of press releases. The specific approval process and the differentiated rights allow a trustworthy and effective collaboration between client and agency. The performance tracking system enTime is especially suitable for the differentiated and easy performance recording in PR agencies and increases the demonstrable value there. Press contact: Josef Schmaus V.G.I Distribution company Internet mbH Schertlinstrasse 21 D-86159 Augsburg Tel.: +49(0)821-57 04 52-43 Internet the V.G.I – Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH sells and performanten software in ASP mode operates and provides these business customers to individually secure systems over Internet access. V.G.I supports mostly PR agencies, PR – and marketing departments of companies and organisations of all industries. The data center infrastructure is located near Nuremberg, Augsburg is the seat of the V.G.I.

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