Desktops Cutting

November 27, 2014

A few words on the board panels There are many technologies for production of desktop plates, but their combination will improve their appearance and presentable. We use in the manufacturing process – a technology as screen printing or silk screening. In the manufacture of desktop panels using mostly transparent acrylic thickness of 2-3 mm. After cutting clear acrylic stripe information we inflict in the mirror image. Deposition can be several colors. If you use self-adhesive tape, then around the letters get ugly halo. Avoid it in any way does not work since the film has a thickness.

When printing serigraphy this problem does not arise. Then rolls a film background, and attach the desired shape. It turns out nice and tidy. It is also possible to make a desktop nameplate custom form. This can be done by cutting on the milling cnc Cutting. This will give individuality of your plate. Our managers and designers will offer you a standard solution in the manufacture of products such as tablets.

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