Crushing Equipments

March 26, 2020

In fact we are using the impact crusher when we need to pay attention to place a lot, high efficiency high yield has been our pursuit of the goal, when we re using our equipped with high quality parts as long as, then we the highest of the impact crusher, so in the operation speed and efficiency in compatible, so our impact breaker can hit a record high. The impact crusher efficiency want to improve we need better way, and that is to improve the eliminator, adjustment, the only way we the impact breaker can satisfied us application, so we all want to know the impact crusher vent of, is the only way we can be better get the wide application of impact breaker, below we specific unship. Jaw crushing part of the work is in two parts of the dish, a constant jaw chat Board (group chat), horizontal (or the little flame) set into the body barrier before, the other one is activity chat Board (live chat), the location list, and set chat Board is made up of the next great little crushing cavities (working cavities). V-belt and sheave through an eccentric axis motor moved up and down motion Chin, move the Chin increase boards to elbows switch between lower jaw Angle modify, in order to promote active chat Board to set chat Panel close, meanwhile the material to be broken or split divide, achieve the objective of the break.When move Chin disadvantage, elbows dish a dynamic chat Angle decrescent, Chin moving plate at the bar, come by the action of permanent Chin leaving dish, this time for already damaged material of pressing hollow out of your mouth.With the engine and engine chatter break changes constantly for periodic movement and performance ground equipment, realization of the serial production. The effect of crusher sand and feature primarily performance of the crusher is the most widely used in sand production line for sand making machine, crushers and computer looks like sand.The Rotary disc from the spindle, and the pin axis and beat structure.Engine Driver blade hollow for broken large rotational speed.The top food palate in material machines, high speed movement of a hammer stroke, effects, cutting, grinding and destroyed.In rotor on bottom, with a group, crushed material screen is smaller than the size of the window hole in level by a sieve concerning education, larger than the size of the window opening macro-level of resistance strain continues to be the hammer stroke and milling, the past through a sieve concerning education foot level.

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