Communication Technologies

February 19, 2013

When telecommunications companies have widespread failures as the suffered operators in Monterrey, should ensure that their capacity for resources to meet clients is available and does not fail with the rest of the infrastructure. Otherwise the company is totally isolated from their customers and generates a feeling of abandonment that is difficult to reverse. Care systems to customers of the telecommunications operators are normally based on its own infrastructure for reasons of synergy. But this in turn generates a major challenge, since if infrastructure fails it may fail the care system and let the customer being held incommunicado and without attention. Maintaining the balance between synergy and availability of the care system must be a central element in the model of any operator. During the contingency caused Hurricane Alex, Axtel company lost its website, thereby ceased to have a means of communication normally used some clients who seek information in case of failures. Understandable is that by reasons of cost, axtel portals are hosted by themselves, but dealers should seek exchanges with its competitors to keep these resources in case of failure. Customer service is as important as the service itself, so it must have with alternate means which guarantee that if your own network is falls, will have resources including other operators, to maintain service to customers running. Processes of care, culture oriented to the client, but also a robust and adequate infrastructure to serve customers and provide them with information in these cases must be a central element. Original author and source of the article.

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