Choosing A Software

April 22, 2018

Medium / Large 30 and above Accounting + configuration "0" for the management accounting / Joint (supported 1C). Alternatively, you can consider the configuration created by the joint forces of partner and 1C Company. But in choosing to analyze options for the proposed software, those company-developer of regularly updated. Otherwise, the costs often will be useless. Once you decided on the needs of the Company and the possible configuration, it is already possible to count the approximate cost and timing of the introduction of a software product. Next, look at the possibilities of selected products – read advertising brochures, presentations or watching inviting competent professionals from the Company – Franchisee 1C – a final decision on choosing the optimal software.

In principle, we have put an end not for long. But we would like consider factors that are also necessary to consider when choosing a software product For example, not unimportant is the choice platform for building information systems. If the last 5 -7 years, the choice was : 7.7. and .1 C: 7.7. J, then Today the situation is exacerbated by the emergence of a new technology platform 1C: 8.0. and decide on the product have become less clearly What to prefer? "Old" – a proven product, or a new one – "advanced". To date – one of the most pressing issues – what to choose? We have tried to conduct an impartial analysis. A more serious approach to comparing features of each system, you can read in the review of "Comparison 7.7.

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