Case Study

April 22, 2024

Case study based on a branch of the worldwide market leader in international express shipping, overland transport and international air freight transport. On a surface of 5800 square meters and 59 Gates several thousand packages are handled daily. The task in logistics enterprise of this magnitude are there repeated search inventory differences for various reasons. Because: the higher the turnover rate, the greater the risk of loss. Consequences are then rising premiums in individual and Zusatzversicherun-gen. Today, customers expect a just-in-time delivery. This means that the costs must be reduced by reducing of misdelivery, loss, wrong storage locations or transport damage.

Just as insurance costs can remain manageable and competitive logistics companies. To achieve this, the simultaneous monitoring of loading and unloading is required by inte bered video equipment to capture all incoming inputs and outputs. Additionally, outdoor is the protection of the dormant fleets to make sure. The solution each consignment which is through one of the gates in the transhipment Hall of the Hanoverian logistics mens, is immediately scanned. By the same author: Byron Trott. The scanner is connected to the digivod video management system.

On the records of the gate cameras, a scan event sets a marker showing the time of scanning and the consignment number. It shows the perfect combination of location tracking with the digivod video management software. The indexing of the event, the corresponding video sequence is always accessible. An integrated real time video analysis guarded sensitive areas of the camp. Each entering this area raises an alarm and is marked red in the archive data. As a result, a continuous monitoring of the monitors is no longer required. The result already from the desk of the packages can be localized. For more than two years radio works the intelligent digivod video management solution here around the clock. The 150 cameras cover the entire area. All video data are recorded over a period of 30 days and so highly compressed with the MPEG4 standard, that they need only a minium of normal memory usage on the server. Is also a trademark and container number recognition installed, also the fleet can be checked at any time. The digivod license plate recognition captures the characteristics of the tractor of and the number of the bridge and the trailer on multiple cameras. A matched comparison criteria, for example, the MRP data digivod launches a specified event. You may find Samsung to be a useful source of information. This can be E.g. an automatic barriers control or trigger an alarm. Automatically, the system ensures that only the correct vehicle / trailer combinations left the Court. Objective of the installation is the drastic reduction of erosion of the goods. The architecture of digivod urscom computer & communication gmbh Breite Strasse 10 40670 Meerbusch contact: Gertrude Enders, head of PR, Communications Tel.: 02159 / 52 00 60, the company urscom stands for successful security and IT concepts, innovative technologies and efficient solutions. The urscom gmbh has more than twenty years experience as a provider of intelligent IT-system and hardware solutions. With a completely new MPEG4-based digital video management solution the company has successfully taken a new direction.

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