Blasting Material

February 2, 2012

This blasting process is a cold stone or abrasive cleaning glass surfaces, as well as metal products using sand or other abrasive material. There are several methods of sandblasting, among which the most common methods of spray particles under pressure, with air and diluted with water. She first began to be used in end of XIX century in the United States. Then, for these purposes only took the sand, but later because of harm to human body, he was replaced by other materials. Today, treatment is applied fairly blaster widely. Abrasives are used to give builders surface roughness.

Very useful, they fall before applying putty to the laying of bricks during construction. Abrasives, perfectly clean walls with soot, mold, old paint. Treated in this way the surface is much better suited for further finishing, because it creates perfect conditions for interacting with the walls imposed by the material. In as abrasives are currently involved corundum, slag, steel shot, silicon carbide and synthetic materials. Way to handle the pressure already belongs to the category of classic. He's probably one of the the most common, as you can do without special skills.

Work is performed with the use of hermetically sealed sandblaster. The dry material is subjected to pressure and the closure enters the mixing chamber. There is his connection with the compressed air that enters the compressor, and then he goes to the nozzle, where thrown onto the surface. Without air abrasive material will not able to gain the necessary exposure to the treated surface speed. The next method is similar to that described above, but in this case the abrasive material falls into a special chamber, with no air pressure. This processing method is often used to create rough spots on glass, metal, brushing the layers of corrosion and is injected. The particle velocity is much smaller, so it is popular during the light treatment of surfaces. The camera moves along the platform, and the abrasion process is going on inside. Compressed air is used not so much, so this method has also become very popular, especially among motorists. To use this camera enough of a compressor. Waterjet machining involves the use of water. Here there is a supply of abrasive to water jet, which is very effective in cleaning metal. Pressure water jet has a positive effect on the properties of the material, and if it increased up to 1000 bar, you can even produce cutting sheets of metal. Enhancing the flow of water at a given value of pressure in this case will affect the performance improvement. Of course, the obvious advantage of this method is clean, because water can not appear in the paper dust. Also in this case, you can use raw grit. But it was not without obvious drawbacks, especially for cleaning metal surfaces, as moisture affect them very negatively. In this case, the assistance can come only inhibitors that prevent rusting. In general, this is a good and promising method treatment, but to date few road. In addition, work with water-blasting technology requires specialized knowledge and training.

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