The Garden

December 31, 2012

Ah! The brilliance of your laugh States tau personal brightness; my heart to love Becomes you for you as a home. 6 MEMORY To remember you, in the distance Makes to emerge my love Before your value, Being fulled me of hope. To remember your skill of being, Brings joy to my heart That beats in your song, Exactly deserving without you. To think about you is soon to feel you Present for the love in my being, Therefore homesickness of with you living Weighs deep, before yours to exist. You are dom, person and song, Is divine light: sparkling poetry, Pretty rose that unclasps with maestria, Perfuming my world with tender hands. I think about you, conjunct, Being thankful your personal existence; Therefore the Creator you it showed to me, in the hard absence; my love bore fruit in the action. 7 GIRL: MY ROSE Today vi a couple of pigeons in the garden, and the homesickness, beat, our love I remember you and I feel the ardor With yours I smell of jasmim.

Our love is lighted in our being and your candies kisses, good yearning Feeling, in my chest, your seios With the joy of you in the arms to have. My heart beats anxious for being With your personal presence, Therefore I only want to love is you. My girl, you is the beautiful rose, the prettiest flower of mine to exist, Singular flower, that if evola perfumosa.

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