Mobile Phone

October 21, 2014

Let's start with the simple – to clean the unit. Wash your cell phone in the usual sense of the word of course is impossible. If the leak inside the destructive moisture, redecoration turn into capital. Be used to clean the exterior case Alcohol is also not recommended. The fact that it often remains after ugly divorce or a white film – track the rapid evaporation. In addition, alcohol can get into the machine and damage the paint on some of the details and contacts.

Provocative hypothesis' And if gasoline? " has caused workers customer-service real panic. 'No way! " – With one voice cried out specialists. Gasoline can burn the delicate plastic. The simplest possible solutions – wipe its case with a little cell phone (!) moistened cotton wool. For security purposes, while better battery disconnect. In vehicles with removable front panel like the Nokia 3210 convenient to clean the keyboard to remove this panel. However, 'Water' method can not be called extremely effective. A better solution might be a special sanitary napkins for cell phones (there are others!).

'Telephone' napkins Phonecleans removed from cellular handsets paint, grease and other non- decorating apparatus spots. And they not only clean but also deodorize the surface and remove germs. Supplied them in packets and jars (the box). Napkins are made of soft, well absorbent material to contain cleaning solvents, bactericides and strong flavor. They can apply for any phone. True, there are such wipes are not too cheap, and approximately $ 6 per carton (100 pieces).

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