Household Secrets Jam

May 24, 2012

Jam we can make almost any fruit, berries, and sometimes even vegetables. One of the conditions for obtaining a tasty jams are fresh and not overripe ingredients that are well maintained shape during cooking. On kilogram of berries or fruits take at least 1 kilogram of sugar, which is in the process of cooking will turn into a syrup, where the berries and pieces of fruit will have its own form, and preserves, in turn, will give a delicious and appetizing appearance. In addition, jam, cooked with the correct ratio of sugar and fruits of nature over long retain their nutrients and flavor, not sugar during prolonged storage. Instead of sugar, jam when cooking, you can use honey, who take the same amount.

Depending on the type of colors, which was about honey, jam can have its own original flavor, which is incredibly difficult to repeat a few times. The vast majority of cooking jam begins after the preparation of fruits, with cooking syrup. Syrup made from sugar or honey, which is dissolved by boiling with batched prescription of water. Sometimes the syrup is prepared using the juice of berries or fruit – in this If prepared fruit fill with sugar, as stated in the recipe, and leave for several hours in a dark place – in order to let the fruit juice. Once the syrup is ready to put into it fruit or fruit pieces and put the dishes in which prepares the jam on the fire. Periodically shake the need to preserve or mix – is on one side allows you to fully immerse the fruit in syrup, on the other hand, when a large fire, will not jam burnt or turn into caramel. When jam must be periodically removed are formed sugar foam.

When cooking jams is important to determine the moment of readiness to jam depends on taste, appearance, and the term storage of the finished product. Willingness to jam can be identified by a drop of syrup – if you drop during the cooling does not spread, retains its shape and color of a jam can be removed from the fire and lay in a bowl for storage. Still need note that in the finished jam berries and fruits do not float to the top, and pops up a homogeneous mass, while retaining its shape. Sometimes the fruits are slightly transparent. With the finished shooting a film jam, give cool, and decompose in a pre-prepared clean jars and cover rolls. After complete cooling cans – we hide them before the cold winter evenings. Bon Appetit!

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