Bremen Philharmonic

March 16, 2018

“Adventurous, but still elegant and sensual” (Rolling Stone) (fs) on the North tour 2013 “presents the soul singer Astrid North in spring debut solo live. This has become according to culture news, no snap shot”but also not an album that can be grasped in a few words. “The same applies to the former front woman of Cultured Pearls, with soul-pop ballads such as TIC TOC” and Sugar Sugar Honey “mid-nineties Charter result achieved. The diverse influences that characterized North’s childhood as a wanderer between their native city Berlin and the family roots in Houston, Texas, make complex and multifaceted the atmospheric debut. “After Vinod last name simply North” titled (Astrid North of records, Warner Music) and in July 2012 via own label released CD combines a wide variety of timbres and even this alleged contradiction: your instrumentation is minimalist times, times full, distorted or Oriental influences.

The heavy beat stages impulsive, deliberately delaying the next moment. The arrangements sometimes epic, but still complex. The songs be worn always by the emotional soul voice, with the mother of her own emotional world two times heartbreaking sentimental, even powerful rocking and even expresses through muffled chanting. “” “” Live to experience was North’s self-proclaimed liberation”already within the framework of the rolling stone sessions”, of this year’s Reeperbahn in Hamburg Festival “, the acoustic concert series called by in life on the roofs” as well as the supporting Act for the german Ghanaian singer Y’akoto on their fathers received recently to end tour “. “After TV guest appearances at the morning show” on ZDF and ARD-late-night-talk INA of night “(10.11), North presented their mix of soul, trip hop and rock on their own tour. “With live performances of the three digital published singles dither”, lightning and Wishbone “as well as other album songs is from mid-February until the beginning of “” March proves why she the mirror “early as the leading lady of the local scene of soul” was. Astrid North North tour 2013 “presented by cultural news,, piranha, soul train online, 12.02.13 Berlin, bi Nuu 21.02.13 Stuttgart, Zapata 23.02.13, Leipzig, Moritz Bastei 28.02.13 Wiesbaden, slaughterhouse 01.03.13 Krefeld, Kulturfabrik 02.03.13 Bielefeld, Forum 03.03.13, Hamburg, Knust 08.03.13 Hanover, Mephisto 09.03.13 Kiel, the pump 10.04.13 Munich, night club (Bayerischer Hof) 11.04.13 Frankfurt, bed (women of the World Festival) 12.04.13 Freiburg, Schmitz cat inlet: 20 Watch (in some cities 19: 00), start: 21: 00 (in some cities 20: 00) cards to 12 16 (plus fees!) at the ticket outlets and at (hotline: 01805.969 000 555, connection rates: 0.14 / min. from a German landline, max. 0.42 / min.

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