What Should I Do To Get A Good Landscape Photo

August 7, 2016

Composition is of course important, but in this article we will consider organizational matters, because without them to get a good shot is much more complicated., Well, laws of composition, each of us understands her. Choose carefully objects to capture and understand that you want to get a result, otherwise you as you realize you have reached the result or not. What you want to recommend, so it's not lazy to get up before dawn and be there before sunrise, and the place and survey points necessary to determine in advance. As the majority of staff have to do in a situation of low light, you have to use a tripod often enough and important enough to be convenient for you. Shooting in shooting time sutra or evening.

Our own experience shows that we can spend all the daylight hours, but normally the frame is not done, but if you get up before sunrise, and then for one – two hours you can see many interesting that and capture in photos. Leave to shoot in case of a beautiful sky. One of the important requirements that must be observed, because the sky is an important part of the landscape and the clear skies in most cases, does not decorate landscape. The most successful plan for a shot at the point of positive change in the weather rain or snow. In these moments can be seen in the sky interesting effects that need to once again emphasize the polarizing filter. If you are planning to shoot a waterfall or waves, we strongly advise to take the darkening filters.

Having aperture optics, since filming has to be carried during the twilight of time and can not always put it on a tripod and enough time. Having wide-angle lens Do not be lazy sometimes for the sake of this case will have to go thousands of miles, and now only need to get up early and walk the extra 5 kilometers Keep the camera because sometimes during the shoot, you can forget about everything and at some point discover that you are standing on a slippery and steep river bank and forced to swim along with the camera is a few moments. Have vehicle is necessary for the landscape painter in the first place. Of course a car with four-wheel drive is an ideal solution, but sometimes the bike becomes more beneficial and enjoyable. No sense to participate in the debate between film and digital. Everyone chooses the technology for themselves. I am by virtue of their profession and the situation chose a digital camera that allows me to have no restrictions on the number of personnel Have patience, going through all that turned and boldly remove unsuccessful shots. And then there are two extremes to remove all or leave all. On his experience more than I have been doing photography the less shots you want to leave and it becomes more critical attitude to his work Use Photoshop Do not try to "distant lands"

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