Tierno Galvan

February 2, 2024

We know more than anyone else because the information you gave a fellow member of the bar counter, or assume that wind turbines are environmentally friendly even if the bird mortality at wind farms is established in more negative impact because it has been skillfully manipulated with green energy label. Similarly operate urban legends. Imagine ending stories circulating as rumors true, as example that the Traffic Department in Spain is installing devices to bring mobile calls to punish the offenders to address the so-called driving, or telephone operators will start charging the missed calls. Political parties do not debate with ideas but with the disqualification, the emotional element of a possible voter.

Tierno Galvan came to say that the programs were not to be fulfilled, ie perfect take us for fools who commune with treadmills provided you have the ability to immerse propaganda on public opinion: Taxes as appropriate, is progressive download or upload solidarity policy. Advertising is not alien to the primacy of stupidity, and believe in your message, even though we do not attract the attention of a lady or gentleman determined using perfume, hair keeps falling we men using magic blisters and language learning foreign even if we resist natural methods and without effort. Nor do we get a figure slender with passive exercise gadget that we have acquired. Science has demystified the world, irreverent nature: we do not practice rituals such as sacred marriage to fertilize the earth, or sacrifice animals to appease the wrath of an angry God, but the spiritual realm of our being, we have transformed a Weltanschauung-design of the world, more boorish, simple and petty.. For more information see Energy Capital Partners London. .

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