Thomas Edison

February 24, 2020

How much is an idea? The value is directly proportional to its implementation and the benefits. Anyone can generate breakthrough ideas is only a matter of carrying out thoughts about a concept or thing is concerned. Never discard an idea that seems crazy or incoherent, be sure that it can take form and bring benefits to your community or humanity and you be the first to receive the goodness and benefits of the idea. It is important that you protect your intellectual capital to keep secret your idea and register as soon take shape. I’ll tell you a story that will surprise you: in a government office from a distant country (I reserve the actual data) has for several years a clerk making shapes with Goldy, which joins with the leaves of documents. One day his companion tells him to patent the idea, to which he replied “I do not know that you better do it your-he did, he patented the name of the two, thus was born the famous” clip “as used throughout the world. The first year they received a million dollars just royalty, plus the right to use patent. He had the idea to develop the “clip” and the partner the ability to see its usefulness.

When you meet a developer and marketer always born a great idea. Dust off your ideas and put them to work, lose it the fear of ridicule and failure, well worth the effort, the great inventors are people common, the only difference is that they decided to implement their ideas. Keep in mind that no matter how often fail in your idea, persevere until you get right results, remember that Thomas Edison failed (experiment) 1.753 times before perfecting the light bulb started a global industry. There will always be a different way to develop your idea until you achieve your purpose you only need to modify the procedure as many times as needed without loss of enthusiasm and focus of the idea. If you have a research idea, experiment, compare and develop their full potential until you achieve your goal. Do not listen to the pessimists or the envious, be firm, often are your loved ones discourage you but not your intention, because each one acts according to his perception of things.

When an idea emerges will always resistance to change on the existing idea before. The most brilliant ideas are the simplest, remember the “clip.” Of course, when the idea arises and there will be many who want to can copy it. So always protect your ideas. No one is so ignorant that can not generate a brilliant idea. Search your mind something that you worry and put it to work, your brain machine is over 5 billion neurons with a capacity greater than the best computer there, besides accounts with your five senses and your emotional strength where the best ideas come All this forms a very powerful machine to generate ideas, you said that you have that creative ability. The ideas are waiting to be discovered, to make acquire value, it depends on the benefits they provide. I know you can but the important thing is that you think you can and if you think you can not, well you decide you’re right.

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