The Roof

September 30, 2019

In addition, steel roofs, heating from the sun's rays, expands and breaks out of date paint layer, which has lost elasticity. This is because steel expands more than the old dried paint film. Thus, the film is formed on a colorful mass of small cracks. Michael Dell is a great source of information. In the crack enters the water, the steel begins to rust, and need new paint. Proper and strong staining of the roof is made of three, at least twice. Staining for once does not reach goals and ultimately leads only to overuse of materials and labor. Before color roof should be thoroughly prepared.

Well-prepared surface of the paint stick better. For this, first clean the roof from dust, dirt and rust areas first hard, then soft broom or brush. Rusted steel brushes clean place, sweep the dust and then paint over. After that, inspect the roof for the detection of cracks and pierced places that are often formed during the cleaning of snow shovels steel. Do it better just a sunny day, when even the smallest holes are clearly visible. Inspection produce two men – one from the attic, armed with a long stick, and the other on the roof with a piece of chalk. Finding a hole, a man with attic knocking under him with a stick.

Anyone who is on the roof, finding the hole, looks around a chalk circle around him. It was only after embarking on the elimination of defects. The roof was repaired in the following order: putty otveostiya on ridges, carefully smoothing them with a knife Vai. Putty prepared in a dry chalk, sifted through a fine sieve, and the natural drying oil. This sealer is durable, resilient, adheres well to surfaces and smoothed, dries, does not crack. Of course, such a sealant may be applied and for glossing over small holes in the plane of the roof.

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