The Graphs

March 24, 2020

Remembering the one before, now and later, therefore many times these professionals for being consulting P.J are contracted and forgotten for the consultoria since the majority will go to work in the contracting company. The all instant the professionals breathe and if they feed of information, but they need to remember them that is human beings, that they need leisure, amusement, joy and rest, not machines that are on 24 hours per day, even though the machines needs maintenance and rest. The high rotation today in the market of YOU each day that passes is increasing, therefore the companies do not invest in its well bigger its collaborator, and the professionals concerteza search a company who provides the not only financial valuation, motivation and recognition as professional recognition and yes human recognition. VII.ESTUDO OF CASE the doravante company call of Company? it acts in the branch of Consultoria has 10 years more than, today counts on approximately 75 collaborators amongst the administrative areas, techniques managemental, being contracted with Legal entity and CLT. The data of this study had been gotten through questionnaires elaborated for the managers and the director of the company. Involving all the areas, the main approach of the study is in the area technique, the professionals of YOU.

A study carried through for the manager of the area of Human resources it can verify the relation of the motivation with the success of the company, impactando its final customer. The objective of this study is to measure the satisfaction degree that the collaborators feel in working in the company ' ' A' ' , to measure the goals, rotation and motivation in if working in the organization. The first collections of the data had been made in the first semester of 2010, and consequently to each semester he is being made the study. To evidence the graph below of 1 and 2 semester of 2010: To evidence the graph below of 1 semester of 2011: To evidence the graph below desired and waited for 2 semester of 2011: Because the pointers had increased? Which parameters had been used to increase? As we perceive and we evidence the indices shown in the graphs gradual had a significant increase in the percentages of goals reached of the motivation and diminishing the rotation index.

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