The Government

July 30, 2016

Incomes of the past do not guarantee the future, therefore to diversify the applications diminishes the risks. The saving, with the new rules is exempt of taxes applications of until R$ 50,000, 00, above of this will have incidence tax of the difference the greater presented in the income tax return and will follow a reducing table,> varying in accordance with the percentage of the effective SELIC of the period. Around 99% of the applicators of this modality they will not suffer the impact from the new rules. This type of application is more the conservative and guaranteed by the government. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. Risk and emotion walk together, to apply in action to have bigger return are advisable for applications of long stated period, above of 3 years, establishing themselves limits of losses. In the Brazilian literary market already it is possible to buy books and magazines that guide on the subject with details, called of intelligent investments.

Purchase of currencies, does not exist financial return, the values modifies for the valuation or exchange depreciation of the same ones, some people likes to buy international currencies, as dollar, but the oscillations can compromise its capital, with risk and high volatileness. Gold has lost its value of face in last the 10 years, remunerating part of the resources with the variation of the international market, exactly with some global investors stimulating the consumption of the metal comes suffering strong oscillations. Purchase of property, investment in the long run. Localities exist that the increase of the value in elapsing of one decade exceeds to any financial application, the difficulty are to transform the good into money at the necessity moments. The exception is commercial real estate applications, as quotas of apart-hotels, quotas of shopping centers and others. Vehicles are not considered as investment, this are a consumer good, as the TV of its house, although to have commercial value, the professionals of the sector only obtain to profit.

Surmountings, since that managed well they can represent a good option of financial return in the near future. Patents, depend on the type of patented product and the value of the technology that will have that to be developed. Rare works of art, jewels, collections (books, currencies, stamps, antiqurios and others), exist true chances in this pursuing, however she is necessary more than the study specialized technician, becomes necessary I clink commercial, good dose of marketing and to distribute in the adjusted vehicles to get adequate returns. Headings of capitalizaton, necessity to verify the contract of the heading to observe the remuneration tax, generally they correct only part of the capital, to the end lose for the yield of the matching-fund saving accounts, but they exist exceptions that are valid to the penalty, therefore analyze with care contracts. They travel, makes a tourist package with months of antecedence, parcels out and conquers considerable discountings, it leaves for less the half of the price who leaves for the last hour, you it saves with hotels and transport. It has other types of investments, as marks and knowledge, that must be pointed as projects of life and with to be considered cost. These are only small orientaes of investments. Doubts, I answer for email. Success to its investments!

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