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September 16, 2014

The stability of the measurement process adversely affects the recrystallization thermistor material – thin film of platinum, as well as its interaction with components of the measured gas. Because of these shortcomings, as well as the complexity of technology (especially when used together with respect to massive substrate multilayer membrane of silicon nitride and silicon oxide), the commercial success of this variant design remains unclear. The author relates the immediate prospects for hot-wire anemometer with a semiconductor thermistor-microheater new generation, developed on the basis of micro-electronic Technology Co., Ltd "Thermal Microsystems (Zelenograd,). With the help of experiments have found an unusually high intensity of heat transfer by heated microobjects: power divided by the square, was on the order of magnitude larger than predicted by the equations of the Fourier-Laplace for spherical bodies mikrorazmerov heated to the same temperature. The equation of the Newton-Richman: Q = a * S * (Tn-Tokr) between the power (Q), the temperature of the environment and the microheater (Tokr and TH) and its area (S), contains only one term is not defined directly – heat transfer coefficient a. Because small bodies he is linked with the thermal conductivity J equation a = 2J / d, where d – the thickness of the thermal boundary layer is necessary to ascertain the possibility of local increase in thermal conductivity of heated gas near the point source 2. This assumption does not affect, of course, the thermodynamic parameters: along with the diffusion coefficient of viscosity, thermal conductivity and reflects only the mechanism of transfer of energy and momentum in the medium. .

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