Technical Music

October 20, 2017

Sing high notes often can become embarrassing for some people who have not yet mastered the skill. The reason why sing these notes can be so difficult is because requires the use of a space of our voice that is not often used in our everyday life. Therefore, if you are just beginning, and does not make a technical singing course, it is so difficult. The biggest problem of the majority of the singers when they sing these notes is caused by stress on the larynx and the lack of attention in the Resonators. To sing the high notes correctly, you need to release the tension to make a more resonant sound.

Here are some tips on how to sing high notes much easier. The first step is to be sure to warm up your voice. Just as the runners make when muscles are stretched, you must also prepare her voice for what is to come. If you get up from the bed and begin to run without warming up your muscles, you know how painful that can be. The same is true for the heating of the voice.

You can warm up your voice simply humming. So you have many more possibilities of reaching those notes, if you always do your warm-up routine before starting to sing. Breathing is also essential to sing well, since it provides the energy that is required to support your voice. For singers correct breathing technique is the one in which you are breathing low and expanding it your lower rib cage, along with your abdomen. If you are breathing with the chest, then you’re not doing it correctly. You must also be standing in an aligned position to breathe properly. Breathing is the basis and support for all singing, so it is important that you master these techniques before attempting to sing high notes. The last area that you need to pay attention is your throat. Many singers no longer sing high notes because they are trying too hard. They strive too and much energy escapes. They are pushing very strong, when they should be as relaxed as possible. The key here is trying to relax the larynx, as much as possible instead of trying to force to the maximum. The only way that you are able to master it is through much practice. You don’t feel discouraged if even after following the above tips still have problems to sing high notes. It will take time and requires lot of practice. However, if we stick to what is said in this article I am sure that you will see the improvements that you are looking for and you will find that not only can sing high notes, but also your canto general has improved. Do you want to know the real secrets to sing better? You want to learn a course in vocal technique.

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