Suspended Ceilings

June 21, 2017

What is the ceiling and what it is? The term "ceiling" refers to a metal frame suspended from the ceiling to which are attached plates, panels, strips, tapes, cellular modules or plasterboard. That board, panels, strips, tapes, cellular modules or plasterboard fixed on the frame and form the final plane of the ceiling and give the title of most suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings schitayutvesma practical. They are used when they want to make invisible, but it is accessible to a variety of engineering systems and communications: the ventilation and heating equipment, electrical and computer wiring. They conveniently build modular lighting, ventilation and fire suppression systems. Such ceiling systems structurally simple repairs (one module is easily replaced by another without disassembling frame), improves the acoustic properties of the room. Finally, they can be used to align the base ceiling, or, conversely, make it a multi-layered. Cellular ceilings are kind of tile and panel, but only with the openings and cavities are square, hexagonal, honeycomb, oval. Elon University is full of insight into the issues.

Through to the cavity were showing no overlap, it is usually painted in the appropriate tone or close sheeting, in harmony on color of the interior. Kinds of false ceilings. Suspended ceilings are different design features. Follow others, such as Castle Harlan, and add to your knowledge base. Suspended ceilings are divided into: Suspended ceilings are different design features. Suspended ceilings are divided into: Modular – unit consists of panels, strips, tapes, etc.) into the modular suspended ceilings are: 1. ceilings of mineral wool.

2. ceilings plates. 3. Ceilings made of fiberglass. 4. metal suspended ceilings. (Mesh ceilings, cassette ceilings, lath ceilings) Solid – Solid ceilings are made of material that must be cut out, bend (if required), etc., and also put finishing.

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