Speech To Text

April 11, 2014

I was happy to return to work but still sometimes I had a hard time stopping so often so, I began to inquire about other software that would let me run my computer with the voice but it was totally impossible to find anything back then for macintosh in Spanish so I had to buy a software package at that time only came in English, this is a program STT (Speech To Text) very interesting that lets you operate the computer with your voice, only that I had to compare in English and the work he was doing at that time was in Holland that I could not get rid of writing, I just helped get rid of repetitive keystrokes causing another series of problems such as fatigue of having to repeat the same phrases and words over and over again, I remember that the appetite is immediately shot me because he was not accustomed to speak both in hours work, but the truth is that I was of great relief and allowed me a little polishing my English pronunciation because if not properly pronounce the program does not listen. You must also read a few stories for the computer to become familiar with your voice or it will be also very difficult to understand even though you try so hard. Now after six years I have ventured to make English classes and I thought this tool could be very useful for my students, because this program allows the creation of user profiles, I think this program could test my students pronunciation. .

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