Sound Generator

February 23, 2014

Industrial engines with cast iron cylinder liners, overhead valve and oil supply to detail under pressure (their share is close to the share of diesel engines (diesel generators) – 3000 hours, they are characterized by low fuel consumption and low noise levels). 4. Select the type of generator power. In terms of classification, the generators are synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous generators – less accurate, but nevertheless, they are suitable for emergency power supply offices, refrigeration, equipment, country houses, cottages, building sites. Such generators easily cope with energy supply power tools and electric motors with a reactive load to 65% of its nominal value. Induction generators shall maintain voltage with high accuracy, thus enabling them to connect the equipment, sensitive to voltage drops (eg, medical equipment, other electronic devices).

These generators allow you to connect to them, and electric motors with reactive power up to 30% Par. 5. Requirements for noise protection power (diesel generator, gasoline generator). When you select power (diesel generator, gasoline generator) must take into account the context in which it will operate. If this open space, construction site, the sound proofing is not required. If the application of power (diesel generator, gasoline generator) is expected in an environment where the noise to higher demands, You must purchase the station in shumozaschischennom housing.

This applies to the use of plants indoors and in urban housing estates. Before acquiring a major power (diesel generator gasoline generator) to the buyer it is desirable to consult a professional engineer working in the field. 6. Automation power (diesel generator, gasoline generator). Block control and automation with programmable system startup is designed for the control of supply, protection of consumers of electric power from high (low) voltage, and power to run automatically (Diesel generator, gasoline generator), if the mains voltage is outside acceptable limits. The main functions of power control and automation are timely (programmable by the user without intervention service center) starting power when falling below or exceeding the permissible level above the allowable stress in the main power line power outage in the recovery options main power supply and connect it to the user; control of electrical voltage is or operating power plants and their timely inclusion – shutdown, testing of the generator power for periodic inspection, programming the timer duration of the waiting time before starting, running, the number of false starts, the waiting time between attempts to start, time stop power plants; display parameters of electric networks, and various failures modes. Block control and automation system with programmable auto-enables one to be completely independent if the main supply even in the case of total lack of people in the home or office.

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