November 4, 2013

The information contained in this article is intended to explain some effective tips to learn how to use smilies to Facebook, in addition to other complementary information, such as their origins, benefits of using, installation process, among others. It has as its main objective teach people that are learning to use them in your computer (computer), or which simply seek to resolve their questions on the topic. To start, the caritas can be defined as a graphical representations of human facial expressions common, in addition to small objects and animals, whose function is to convey any emotion or feeling to another person; they have no movement, nor a supplementary audio, as it is the case with other similar applications. The use of the caritas arose in the mid-20th century in the United States of America, as a way of capturing the most common expressions of people (usually of joy and fun) through print media. Its use from there is It lasted throughout the world, but it was not until the popularization of information media and technological, that it spread especially by mobile phones and in recent years, through social networks.

Facebook smilies are one of the most common forms of use of these graphics, there are some that come by default and can be used primarily for chat and instant messaging as well as the wall, some of which are the face of: smile, sadness, or happiness by removing the tongue, crying, Devil, angel, by sending a kiss, etc. The most efficient ways to learn how to use smilies to Facebook and are recommended to implement to make the learning process faster, are the following: copy or print on a list the most common or you think use more when you’re connected in this social network, thus easily practise seeing the results for yourself, the second method is to create a list within the cell (mobile) phone to when needed, you can see them on the same screen. The last and most important is downloading the application for caritas for Facebook, which contains hundreds of graphics options from which you can choose quickly and efficiently, through a click, or by typing the name that has each directly, at the time of: send an instant message (chat), written in the personal wall or your contact or send a private. It is possible that you delay several days or weeks to learn them all, it is normal, this is an easy and fun process. The advantages that exist when using the caritas of the application are: out of the simplicity of the common caritas, greater number of graphic options, constant updates from the makers, read tips from other users, etc. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to install this free application to use smilies for Facebook, you download it from their web site, you run it on your PC (computer), you restart the browser of your choice, and you can start to use, it is quick and easy. This type of programs is quite safe and has been developed by experienced programmers and designers, to have more graphics options at the moment of sending a text message, this is its complementary role, it is also verified daily by companies internationally recognized safety online, to ensure its transparency.

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