Protocol Action

January 25, 2015

At last, these changes in the ambient conditions indicate that the activities human beings can promote brusque changes in the planetary system, with still vacant consequncias (BERT, 2009). Ahead of the ambient crisis that today if has notice, some social sectors are if mobilizing, making possible a bigger ambient awareness and making about that the people if worry more with the preservation of the environment. Rasp (1998, P. 139-154) affirms that: It enters the decades of 70 and 80, became frequent the creation of secretariats, ministries, specialized agencies, plurinacionais organisms and involved political parties with the ambient question. The private sector if has worried in introducing in its products and marketing strategies ' ' I appeal verde' ' , exactly that in deceptive and superficial way, because already it detected in the public opinion and consumer the interest for this new trend. The ecological concern if makes gift also in the civil society and religious sectors, grows the excessively half number of publications or ecological sections in periodicals, magazines and. The Universities, although the difficulty in surpassing its barriers to discipline, they introduce the ambient debate, they extend the fan of its possible boardings and argue proposals transdisciplinares.

Sufficiently it is adjusted to consider that the action human being can make the difference, being able to change the way to think the world, being necessary to take considerable risks in trying to modify the current state and defending a significant alteration in the way by which the things are made. When the individuals act, demonstrate interests of the sectors of the society where they are participant and until they can surpass its origins starting to represent less the most succeeded interests of, social, economically and politically. According to Moran (2008), a characteristic of the action human being seems to be the necessity to accumulate information for a period of time, being created a concern in certain sectors and in action on the part of some individuals, that associated to an important event, result very in fast mobilization and performance accomplishes, as in the case of the immediate adoption of the Protocol of Montreal for reduction of the use of the clorofluorcarbonetos (CFCs), responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer.

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