Page Web

December 13, 2017

But To that it must this? Near 95% of the companies that they have a page Web do not worry in the importance of the design, the other 5% knows as it must be designed his page Web and the benefits that will be able to obtain from her. The world of the Internet is not so different from the real world, in Internet everything enters by the eyes Veamos some of the common errors but at the time of designing a page Web. 1 Design little professional Web, As well as you worry in having an office or store where it offers an pleasant and professional atmosphere to his clients, in the same way it must realise it in his page Web, its Web site must have a serious and professional aspect. 2 Page designed completely in flash, to use the technology is recommendable, but we do not have either to abuse this, remembers that its Web site is not a commercial one of TV, its Web site is the place where their potential clients only look for excellent information, they do not look for to watch a commercial one of TV. You it can use animations in its Page Web but not abuse them. 3 Time of load, always Remembers this, all the visitors who enter their page, do not have the same speed of access to Internet, the visitors look for precise information and they are not arranged to wait for long time in that is a page in its navigating Web, always tries to optimize his site of the way that the speed of access is fast, does not abuse the animations and she does not use images either of great size. 4 Visitor lost, While but easy she is to the visitor to find the information him that she looks for, will have major time in completely reviewing the content of his site, designs his Web site of a way ordinate, locates the important sections in a visible place, is recommendable to make a map of his Web site where the users can enter a specific section directly. . Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well.

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