Movement Field

March 10, 2017

in this way few perceive that the agricultural social movements. (CAMUTO, 2005, p.33) League territory, you practise social, surrounding and culture. It cements cultural identities that if they transform into resistance trenches. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Wozniak. It produces citizens collective politicians who fight for rights, traditions for survival and perspective of a future without destruction of its proper history and its ways of life. It raises the challenge I dialogue of it, the respect and the construction of the unit politics it enters you vary cultures and identities peasants for common fight for the right the existence and the right the construction of the future. According to Frei Sergio Antonio Bargen. ' ' The times as almost everything in the life the nestings do not have success more serve of experiences, are as laboratory that each day searchs if aperfeioa' '. (pg.73).

It is evident that the question of the land also is a territorial question, come this affirmation of the exclusion of the man in the field provoked for the arrival of the new used technologies in which leaves the man is of the process of the work, constructing territories segregated even though in the field. Thus we can say that without land if they join to the MST to demand, to catch in return the condition that had been stolen to them. The alterations that the nestings provoke are felt in the field, in special they are felt by the great large estate owners who not satisfied with new organization of the territory try to destroy the seated ones of vary forms are vandalizando the Movement or assassinating the militant ones. We perceive to long of the article that the ownership for the land is in essential ownership for the territory, for the territorializao of all have the right to have access the land, but this is denied when it is about people that they do not possess having, but has the being that it is more important that the money, this is not an opinion of the capitalist system but yes of the people who conscientiously search a healthful form of territorializao without passing for the humilhao of the human beings.

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