May 18, 2020

One third worker counted that he had and still has problems with alcohol, but does not use drugs. According to it, its problem ‘ ‘ it is light but I am trying to leave it harms because me. Not in my work, but when I leave and in the following day, I am badly I harm me physically, mentally, not. The newspapers mentioned Pete Cashmore not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore I want to leave but not yet I obtained. Who knows obtains one dia.’ ‘ The other worker who said to have problems with alcohol did not detail the situation. In the relative question to the dynamics of life of the children children and adolescents was pointed that all are in schools and day-care centers; that it does not have infantile work. It can be observed a special attention of these parents in relation to the future of the children, as much with respect to activities of sports, culture and leisure how much the search of professionalizing activities daily pay and. Asked on the free time, the answers had been well diverse: ‘ ‘ taste to travel, outdoors and parks, museums and spaces culturais’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ not taste of parties, but yes to seat in the Square, to go to the Church.

My children are that they leave more, mainly for the house of amigos’ ‘. ‘ ‘ taste to go for the house of my familiar, to make excursions therefore I want that my children know many lugares’ ‘. another one says: ‘ ‘ Taste to visit my son who deferred payment with pai’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Taste to take a walk, to go to shopping’ ‘. Another one says that ‘ ‘ it likes to go to the McDonald’ ‘. When it was in its city, says one of them ‘ ‘ it liked to go to the Praia’ ‘. Others are more caretakers, saying that ‘ ‘ they like to be in house hearing msica’ ‘ ; of ‘ ‘ to sleep and to be able to wake up tarde’ ‘ 2.

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