Magix Photo Manager Image Manager

May 28, 2013

With Magix photos on CD & DVD, it is possible to create even more dynamic photo slideshows. With over 80 elements of decoration, including sounds, you customize a slideshow, for example, with a lively evening and do so more attractive. Slideshows from individual photos can not only be enjoyed at home in the DVD player or Blu-ray, you can also share online on Facebook or the web page HTML 2.0 personal. Magix software provided gift on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the program, save your files! The complete package is now available for download online and in specialty stores. The software is presented with a new user interface, which allows easier handling, supported also by an optimized performance. Creation of fantastic pass photos with elements of decoration and best panoramic always there is a time of year where you have to arrange the collected images to share memories and experiences with loved ones.

A good general view of photos to select, you can be achieved thanks to the integrated Magix Photo Manager Image Manager. In addition, with the function of automatic creation of panoramic, wide images from the merger of individual photos can be achieved. Failed photos can be optimized with simple tools. Through subtle effects, is they can accentuate the most important moments of tension as in big movies. Moreover, Magix photos on CD & DVD includes a new preview monitor with zoom, which allows changes outside the framework.

Finally, the export wizard helps introduce photos passes in the most appropriate format. Also exists in addition to the classic version of Magix photos on CD & DVD deluxe edition for creation of slideshows, as well as a complete image editing with photos and graphic design including passes, and that bears the name of Photo Premium. No matter that the holidays have passed: with multimedia photo slideshows is possible to remember them and so surprise to friends and family at home or on the Internet. News in brief New and fun elements of decoration and animations for all types of application (holidays, climate, seasons and times of day, people and more) Easier handling with new interface program and improved performance Direct presentation of photos on Facebook On the occasion of the anniversary of the program includes the full version of Magix saves your files!

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