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October 19, 2017

"Quality content makes the difference" not implemented fully the previous concept, the engines may confuse many of our pages with pages of SPAM or malicious pages that have been automatically generated to sell so unethical products and internet services, so to summarize, it is the moment generated content the time to look at this issue, who makes written content must be thorough in this aspect, otherwise it should raise awareness about and not be able to last, only replacement is the road. "Remember that content is the most fundamental" 2) Keyword Near This concept refers to the closeness found between two or more search terms. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. Example proximity of keywords: If the search is "peeled guavas guavas, peeled and canned for export. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. Export sells canned peeled guavas. "The result 1. Peter Asaro is a great source of information. be elected by the proximity in which the terms were peeled guavas and "3) Prominence of the keyword: The key words within a page as city dwellers enjoy some status which allows relatively easy to achieve number of goals. Well, the key words within a page whose proximity to the attribute "title or metatag" is greater gain true index of relevance and visibility.

4) The anchor text or anchortext: The anchor text that make up the words that are included in the link when referencing the contents, ie the active text on which you click to move from one place to another the Internet. Anchortext Example: "Directory Hispano" is the anchor text. Directorio Hispano 5) Page Rank: The page rank is a measure devised by the creators of the most popular search engine in the world and is based primarily on assessing the quantity and quality of links pointing to a website from the outside. So well, the index page rank could be interpreted as the index of popularity of a website. Follows that if a site is popular because many people from many parts of the world link it in most cases unilaterally and disinterested. 6) The exchange of links: When did the index of the Page rank as a measure to be considered for all applicants to the first page results in the most visited search engines, there were new trends to optimize, for every law loophole. It was then that emerged called "link farms" or link farms which were no more sites to link exchange where webmasters left links to their pages but soon had to put a link back to these matters be adopted. The network was being contaminated with these sites and the quality of results in major search engines was not desired. The reciprocal links was made his brief appearance on the scene of the SEO and now are not as valued reciprocal links search engine industry leaders. "You can understand that if the content is quality and really original, you will be linked for free and disinterested" 7) What are SERPs: The word English SERPs is an acronym that means (S earch R esults E Ngin P age s) and translates Pages Search Engine Results.

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