Intelligent X-ray Position Detection World

May 2, 2016

The German circuit boards manufacturer MicroCirtec GmbH produces from now its multilayer with a fully automatic X-ray registration system which produces German circuit boards manufacturer MicroCirtec GmbH from now its multilayer with a fully automatic X-ray registration system that is unique in the world in this form. An approach to the multilayer registration was together with the company Schmoll whose possibilities, created go far beyond the conventional measurement of indoor location and placement of multi layers. In the heart of the system is a fully automatic XRI X-ray drilling machine with an intelligent X-ray camera system. This is capable of detecting not only Innenlagenregistriermarken, but also buried in the”order encodings to read and accurately identify so the outside hardly distinguishable production benefits. Batchcodes, a chronological numbering of up and quality classes be drilled then outside for further optical identification for more production.

All measurements to the in-house MRP system are at the same time transmitted and returned the order planning, whenever a is lot completely finished. 100 to 150 multilayer benefits can be produced per hour. The increasing number of low-volume to high-mix orders has led us to develop an innovative concept to reduce the set-up costs and improve production control in this area. Higher requirements for flow of information and traceability of the orders were for these considerations also in the foreground “, so Andreas Bruggen, Managing Director of MicroCirtec GmbH. In addition to this investment are planned at MicroCirtec in Krefeld, Germany currently still more investment in modernisation and expansion of the production capacities or have been already implemented. So the company recently took 5-spindle machine of LIN series, also a new heavy-duty 96ci Schmoll in operation. A new facility for the exposure and the development of the solder stop mask for the medium-sized PCB manufacturer will follow shortly. The largest Project however is currently the construction of an additional 1,000 m production hall on the company’s premises. In this Hall, end of 2013 for additional manufacturing capacity will provide in a new second Galvanikanlage. With the implementation of this project we bear witness off for our future strategic orientations namely the production of printed circuit boards in Germany.

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