Ideal PLC Programming Tool

June 20, 2017

Setpoint controller for the universal use in the development and testing of industrial control programs of similar to test, demonstrate and simulate a control, either in the field or on the bench, is the clearest and most reliable when any signal is analog or digital, individually will be given. KMO turbo has brought a novel process Simulator for industrial use on the market. More information is housed here: The operation requires a 24. All outputs are short-circuit-proof, the power supply polarity. The simulation unit is housed in a sturdy plastic case. Magnets on the bottom of the housing ensures grip on any magnetic surface (E.g. Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. on the inside of the cabinet door).

Based on the widespread S7 control Siemens analog signals in groups of two are switchable between active and passive (2 – or 4-wire). The analog signals are displayed on a 3-digit digital display in mA or %. The digital signals are about Toggle switch with double function, switch or button that controlled; the status is displayed via an LED. The analog and digital signals are each set to a D-sub 25 connector. Standard cables are available with free wire ends or 20-pin front plugs for S7 modules. Of the practitioners particularly appreciated the Additionally available at both ports 24V signal for the power supply of the controlled modules: module plug – simulation plug in – simulate! Link: kmo kmo-Prozesssimulator_1.0.pdf turbo GmbH Friedrich str. 59 88045 Friedrichshafen Germany contact person: Roland Klauber (sales engineer) phone: 07541 95289-13

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