How To Buy A “proper” Motorcycle

May 24, 2017

Today the market of foreign motorcycles Russia already quite developed, and as a rule is no talk of a strong deficit of motorbikes and motorcycles. However, the 'season' of the phenomenon still takes place. For example, if the choice motorcycle you first pay attention to the quality / price ratio – that is you normal average potential buyer moto, it is best to make a purchase of this type of motor vehicles still in the period from late autumn to January – February. Buying a motorcycle, ATV, scooter and other motor vehicles during this period you can save some pretty substantial amount of money. This option is also good if you intend to immediately to improve your bike, do airbrushing, painting deffektnyh details or any other tuning, changing consumables.

Personally, I prefer to buy the bike will during this period. However, there are also disadvantages of this option purchases Motorcycle – namely, there is no way how to ride a motorcycle, have little-to spend on motoevakuator; If your experience does not allow you to assess the actual technical condition of the bike, it's better not stingy, and involve the purchase of more experienced friend or an expert. The cost of the expert is low (less than 100 dollars), but it may help you in bargaining with the seller and buy a really worthwhile technique. If you buy a motorcycle Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and other Japanese motorcycles, please note that the bike may have restrictions on power, ie, 'strangled'. It's not a big problem, easily solved in many mototservisah, but it is a subject for bargaining.

On consumables, such as tire wear, chains, stars and other things you should pay attention to the last. Replacing consumables is much cheaper than you buy a motorcycle with a faulty engine or a bent frame. but it can also be an argument for lower prices. Often, the seller issues a bike on the track for ispozovavshiysya nearly new (removed from the very beginning all the plastic, put a race after a series of falls and change back). At the same bike looks like new. I have nothing against motorcycles used on the track. In most cases, their technical condition is much better than conventional motor used for everyday driving. However, for drive around the city, I would personally buy a bike myself I would not, if you certainly do not plan to use it only on the track. If you are determined to buy strongly that the people called 'on fire', try to ride on a motorcycle, a seller of logovorivshis conditions. Usually you leave the full cost of the bike 'pledge', saying that the seller in the fall be sure to buy pmototsikl. Do not rush to unscrew the throttle 'to complete' before just sit on the motorcycle and take it easy, gather my thoughts. Then you have to slowly ride a bike, check brakes, and try to identify the extraneous sounds, and feel like responding to a motorcycle wheel rotation. If you are a beginner or ride a motorcycle just one – two seasons, the best contact for more experienced people (friends, acquaintances, or at least the same experts). In the next article I will try to develop a more detailed topic. I hope My simple-minded advice will help you. Good luck to you on the road.

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