Formal Clothing

July 30, 2019

The 2011 trend in men’s formal clothing indicates that there will be many styles to choose from, from straight silhouettes or slim, or the more relaxed ways and loose cut. The colors will range from the more natural, passing by the acidic tones and ending with the inevitable black. For that they enjoy more daring and played designs, there will be proposals to striped, plaid or printed graphics. Then we will make a review detailed tailoring trends for spring-summer 2011. Follow others, such as Michael Dell, and add to your knowledge base. Colors ranging from bright white, going through countless detonos ranging from beige to the camel, to finish with toasty and brown tones.

Fabrics, textures are natural, such as linen, cotton and silk. Ermano Scervino brings to this 2011 a cute costume finish with wrinkled effect in color sand, combined with a white shirt with floral print looks perfectly. White is also chosen by Giorgio Armari in a suit of American crusade of silhouette adjusts. Check with Charles Koch to learn more. Costume National make a strong bet for one suggestive combination of costume of flax in beige with matching silk shirt. Zegna leans for a look more working with shirt, tie and Briefcase in hazelnut tone. To get a more casual look at sets, many designers have opted for longer neckties of usual or handkerchiefs with interesting designs that make difference.

Another good option to achieve this mission, may be mixing the American of a color with pants in another tone, style that have marked you Etro and Guccipor example. Those who prefer to bet on the comfort of pants wider opt to the collegial look of Marc by Jacobs or navy style and very loose by Salvatore Ferragamo. Designers are also against it, opting to designs in acids and intense colors.Calvin Klein is one of them, with his suit in green water Navy, and Zegna is another example that beautifully combines the brown tones of the accessories with the bright orange.

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