FaceTime Quality

March 25, 2012

This feature allows you to save up to 4 GB, with no real loss of sound quality through headphones. The sound quality is no different IPhone 4 or any significant increase in sound quality compared to 3G S, but the dynamics of the pulse a little more at a high level of sound during a call by FaceTime. In a quiet room you will not need to increase the sound for more than three-quarters of the maximum. The perception of some users argue about problems when using iPhone, because they believe not very pleasant, put a bare glass apparatus to his ear. On this occasion, we can say that these problems disappear if you use hands-free devices (such as Bluetooth or wired headphones that come bundled with your smartphone), which is more convenient, and as shown by recent studies, it is safer. Speaking of FaceTime FaceTime, in the early to say about the two test calls to the middle and long distance which varied considerably in quality.

Send the image of both compounds was carried out at an approximate rate of 15 frames per second, presumably, the video is compressed to half the original resolution for VGA transmission. The first call to the average distance was crystal clear, with little pixelation. The second call, long distance, was heavily pixelated. Both parties used the N routers. Communication was not synchronized, with a difference of up to 1 second. During the call, you see yourself in a small window, which can move in any of the four corners.

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