Dream Multimedia

July 26, 2018

With the development in our world of satellite television and computer technologies, it is safe to say that everything is possible! A little more than twenty years ago, satellite TV was available to only a select few, and watch a movie, or to satellite, which immediately flew the earth, an ordinary working people or the employee in Russia was almost impossible. And today? NTV + satellite dishes is nothing new, but the development of new Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Cardsharing appearance provides an opportunity to make greater use of existing capabilities of satellite television. What is Cardsharing NTV (Card Sharing)? Card Sharing – Card is the total access to, or, otherwise, the overall card. Sharing or Sharing – it can save finance through the use of conditional access cards are not on one receiver, and on several over the Internet or local network.

Cardsharing allows you to view encrypted channels, even if you do not have the correct pin-map. Your receiver has access to the channel, using a pin-card in another receiver, or using Cardsharing server. Simply put, Card Sharing – a process where a server and Sharing, which is encoded card, open up access to several receivers. People such as tech investor would likely agree. Receivers are connected by LANs. Local area networks, in this embodiment, may be WI-FI, LAN, Ethernet, or Internet. Then the signal goes through the satellite antenna to a receiver, where dekodiriruetsya using keys obtained from the local network.

With a single subscription server, a satellite dish and one or several converters, sometimes called the head, you and your family can watch different channels on different satellite TV receivers. To date Cardsharing NTV possible with receivers such as Dreambox or Openpox. Dreambox – a multimedia server for decoding the output stream DVD-Video. Client software for Sharing and as well as the Dreambox, developed by Dream Multimedia. Dreambox, with installed operating system on the Linux kernel and potential higher than that of any satellite receiver, most often used as NTV Cardsharing server, because of the ease of adaptation, or writing any software. Should pay particular attention to that ‘rassharivaniya’ codes on the same local Network is absolutely legal, as well as the copying of computer files. Nothing technically does not interfere with what Sharing Server rasspolozhen at one point the planet, and the client to another to obtain access codes. Often, as a server Maps Sharing and may be used another computer with a connected pin programmer with the original card and some software written for the kernel Linux, which has the possibility of obtaining information from satellite. If previously it was necessary to have a couple of receivers and a few pin-official maps for the same family, but today, with technology and Cardsharing, you can successfully save finance, distributing data from one pin cards for several other receivers. Because receivers are on different continents, it is technically no different from standing in the same house. So, if the channels officially connect the country can not, but watching them is a desire – to buy access Cardsharing NTV. You will be assigned to IP, username and password, and then ….. enjoy!

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