Check24: TelDaFax Offers Cheapest Gas Prices And Good Service

April 20, 2014

TelDFax already 700,000 customers the comparison portal has rated 19 gas provider in terms of service and terms and conditions and pointed out their prices. The basic utilities, as well as the five best alternative providers were investigated. Most commonly, TelDFax offers the cheapest rate. TelDFax Germany’s largest independent energy provider has already 700,000 customers. Very cheap prices in conjunction with good ‘ service provides with its tariff 1608 TelDFax energy “, so the valuation of Check24. A total of 25 times the party ranks one of the cheapest provider.” So, for example, a family with a consumption of 20,000 kWh in Hamburg with TelDFax, compared to the local basic utilities can save up to 654 euros.

In cities like Bremen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, Munich or Stuttgart, the savings in this category is over 500 euro. The reduction in the cities mentioned is itself single households with consumption of 5,000 kilowatt hours at 275 euros. Dr. Gernot Cook, Managing Director of TelDFax SERVICES GmbH, which runs as well as the TelDFax ENERGY GmbH under the umbrella of the TelDFax Holding AG, appreciates particularly the verdict good service'”.” While the infrastructure of the telephone hotline, the hotline and the E-Mail services as well as offering online has been reviewed. “Dr. Koch: the result shows we have overcome our difficulties and remain on the right track.” In addition to other measures, TelDFax has increased its staff in the last three years by nearly 80 employees at about 540 employees and introduced a new financial accounting system to optimally serve all customers with ever-increasing growth rates.

The TelDFax Marketing GmbH offers favourable electricity and cheap gas, telecommunications and Internet products, financial products, insurance and travel. TelDFax is a circular to providers of services for households in Germany and helps to keep cheap running costs of private customers and small and medium-sized businesses”, says Klaus Bath, Chairman of the Board of the TelDFax Holding AG. TelDFax as budget catering stands on the side of consumers. TelDFax shows with its tariff models, that it is quite possible to offer services with high quality for a fair price.” The needs and possibilities of customers are in the focus.

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