World War II

May 29, 2017

Thus it was with the atomic bomb, utilizadano end of World War II, and thus it will be in the future that is sown today. ‘ ‘ Boas’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ ms’ ‘ , homemdepende of its inventions, they are who guarantee its evolution, improving asegurana and the quality of life in general way. If today we stopped of we would evoluirentraramos in collapse, and the first one of them, probably, would be ambient. Add to your understanding with Kai-Fu Lee. the matter. The capacities of inovare to invent, possibly the characteristics most praiseworthy of the human beings, can be engaged. The dainformtica advent, especially of ciberespao, produces a new reality for the young, since relationship aspects until the form as they study and they memorize. Vestibules derelacionamento are surrounding free and desinibidos, the good ones conversastraduzem in long 4 pages of scraps. Research and works acadmicostornam simple consultations to the Web and the result is one ‘ ‘ obra’ ‘ the base of CoPy & Grazes 5. In short, the learning dosjovens dangerously is based in ‘ ‘ new verbo’ ‘ to googlear, the easiness in looking for and finding the answers for asperguntas leads the students to the comodismo, that finishes for directing them it umcaminho of only using, without creating or improving something preexisting.

Compromising directly and indirectly, the evolution of the community human being noplaneta. When the atuaisprodutores of knowledge more will not be in condition to make it, the novosresponsveis for such, the current and future young, will not be capable deproduziz it, for not having learned, during its eprofissional academic experience, to search and to decide problems. It has, still, preocupaoquanto the proper capacity of memorization of the people front the easiness comque we consult concepts and information in the Web.

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