World Report

June 1, 2016

To keep the customers, a level of relationship must be determined with same, taking care of the expectations in such a way of the organization how much of the customers. The drawn out influence after-sales is of utmost importance for the so indispensable after-marketing and how much the sales. MOLLER (1999, p.182), tells that customer does not leave to be transparent the insatisfao, becoming it transparent to the eyes of the organization. ‘ ‘ A study lead for the Techinical Assistence Research Prograns it discloses que’ ‘: Of each 27 customers who try a bad service, 26 do not complain. They feel that to complain she will be desgastante and a loss of time. Of that they decide to complain, only one in each ten return as cliente.’ ‘ Still the same author, tells reasons where retail companies lose customers. ‘ ‘ In accordance with magazine US News and World Report, is because: 1% die; 3% if move; 5% adopt new habits; 9% find the price excessively high; 14% are disappointed with the product quality; 68% are unsatisfied with attitude of the staff (me the quality of the service). ‘ ‘ MOLLER (1999, p.183) This study it leaves transparent that it is of utmost importance the personal quality, the human side in the services in comparison the product quality, losing up to five times more customers for imperfections in the attendance of what for products me the quality.

Working with market segmentation, the company reaches of form insurance more the desires of its customers, because she works with microssegmentos. ‘ ‘ Its market of mass in very small segments raises the satisfaction level dividing, excusing treatment personalized to each one.

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