The Notebook Is Not A Luxury But A Necessity. Choosing A Laptop

March 23, 2017

World of high technology is not standing still. And if a few years ago the laptop was an expensive luxury, and home computers can do it, but now the pace of modern life sets new standards. And these standards – portability and compactness, and which were the main cause of the spread of notebook PCs. Before you buy a laptop to determine: whether you need it? If you're going to use it only to the extent home, for the same price and actually purchase a more powerful pc. If you clearly define what you want is a laptop, then his choice should come as close as possible to help save your money, and often, and nerves. 1) Make and size. One of the most important criteria for choosing a manufacturer's brand name.

Here we can distinguish ibm, hp, Sony, Asus, Toshiba and others. Mark determines the reliability of the laptop. Does not make sense to buy laptop in a little-known company. Size. Another very important selection criterion is the size of a laptop. To date, this criterion can be divided into four main classes of laptops.

Ultraportable or subnotebooks – have diagonal display less than 12 inches), portable (12 inch), standard (14-15 inches), and 'graphic stations' (15,4 inches and more). 2) The performance and functionality. There should be pay attention to the performance of the processor and card. Video system can be either integrated (using the resources of RAM) or discrete (only use the allocated memory). Laptops with built-in are less suitable for games and graphics programs. In the development of graphics cards themselves are a major corporation nVidia and ati. The amount of ram in laptops can be increased by acquiring the necessary modules on their own. Need to consider when choosing and communication capabilities. This is not the decisive criterion, but with the help of special devices and interfaces can extend the capabilities of a laptop. Here you can take into account the existence of a network port, usb ports, wireless communications, VGA-out (you can connect an external monitor and projector) and many other things that increase the usability of the notebook. Another important detail is that the repaired laptop without the help of experts at home very difficult, unlike a desktop computer where you can simply replace the damaged parts. Thus, we define the choice, you can safely go to the nearest computer store and make a purchase.

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