Parthian Generate

February 11, 2014

How to generate traffic without spending a single dollar – free traffic with Videos: a great Parthian of Internet users watching videos on you tube and other platforms by which is a good way to publicize your pages and the advantages of your products is through Videos, a highly recommended program for this is Created Camtasiabecause with this program we can record the computer screen, then we can record a video explanation of something that we are doing on the computer, or we can engrave a Power Point presentation on any topic. -Marketing with articles: Write articles about topics related to your niche market, and publish them in different sites of publication of articles, by placing down the article the link of your page. for example, if I have a site where I sell a course of bag and I want to generate visits towards the, would be good to write articles related to stock exchange investments, that way you make sure generate traffic qualified bone related to your niche market. It is very important publish our articles on sites that have enough traffic, this way we will be taking advantage of the traffic of these sites to our site. -Social networking: It is important to be in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is convenient add and find friends related to interests of the pages that we want to promote, e.g.

form part of groups related to the interests of our pages, we have to make is that our network grows week taking increasingly more friends, there many more people will learn about our Web pages. -Blog: A way to make us known and generate trust and respect is having a blog with good content in this way visitors we can better evaluate and demonstrate that we are serious people, we are experts in specific topics. -Forums: this is a very valuable tool and I called him up to magic, it is important to be in our niche market-related Internet forums and there we will give to know our pages and products that we sell, participating in discussions and placing valuable information, other participants will learn about our proposals, and to trust in us. My recommendation is that we must implement all these strategies of traffic free, because they complement each other. It should be noted that all these strategies to generate traffic we will succeed with the months, they are not immediate, if looking for something more short-term recommend generate traffic payment, through Google Adwords.

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