Microsoft System

February 2, 2016

The system is more graphic. It presents more information thanks to Metro. Content and applications are presented in boxes We offer at a glance application information. Interaction with these tables is done with a single touch, in the style of touch devices. Thanks to a fast, fluid browsing using Internet Explorer 10 touches experience, sites are the center of new devices with Windows 8?, explained from Microsoft.

Multitasking and social networking. Metro-style applications created for Windows 8 are the focal point of your experience and fill up the entire screen so that there is no possibility of distractions. In addition, the system has been designed for multitasking. Since Microsoft have ensured that Windows 8 applications communicate among themselves, and as an example he cites the interaction of services with social networks. You can select and easily send email pictures from different places, like Facebook, Flickr or your hard disk. Storage in the cloud.

Windows 8 is also a clear commitment to the technology of cloud storage. The contents of the users are automatically synchronized in all your devices. Windows 8 aims to unite the experience of the terminals. With Live, all the contents of the cloud services most commonly used (photos, mail, calendar and contacts are updated on the devices, explains the company. Security and privacy. In addition to synchronize these contents, with SkyDrive users have access to any document or file that is stored in your Microsoft account. The new interface and the commitment to the cloud are accompanied by improvements in the fundamentals of Windows. Windows 8 builds on the solid foundations of Windows 7, and includes improvements in performance, security, privacy and reliability of the system, Microsoft has ensured. New Task Manager. Windows 8, for example, has a new task manager and a new Windows Explorer, very similar to the design of Microsoft Office. The Redmond company has worked to improve these tools and creating new flexible options for multi-monitor configurations, in another attempt to create a system for everything type of devices. Windows store. Microsoft, aware that developers can lead to success or sink the system, it has developed Windows 8 thinking programmers. If the OS manages to be of interest to developers, content volume increases and the interest of the users also. To get the interest of developers, Microsoft has announced Windows Store, a space in which developers can sell their applications around the world. It’s a store for all kinds of content for Windows 8, in the style of the Apple store or Google. All programming languages. Also thinking about developers, Microsoft has designed its OS to make possible to use any programming language. With Windows 8, developers can take advantage of the knowledge and active code they already have, since it allows them to create great experiences using the programming language they prefer, have confirmed from Microsoft. Latest generation hardware. Finally, Microsoft has confirmed that its system is designed for latest generation hardware, but thinking in many shapes and sizes. In this way, Windows 8 will be compatible with a wide range of devices, from tablets up to laptops. Windows 8 is already a reality although there is work ahead. The Redmond company has confirmed with his presentation that you don’t want to miss any sector and claims that Windows 8 will be a choice of weight at all. Source of the news: Microsoft reimagina your operating system thanks to the Windows 8

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