Keep Volume Low Call Alert

May 3, 2017

Vibration Alarm Shutdown: Many teams bring vibrator mode with the call alert activated at the factory and a large number of users have it enabled all the time. This battery unnecessarily spends as much energy, it is preferable to limit it only to situations is essential, as in a movie theater or a meeting at work. Reduce the brightness of background: One of the elements that spends most of the cell battery is the screen, the larger the lightness of it, the greater the load consumption, even in places like in a cinema is important ( although somewhat annoying for neighbors seat) is preferable to lower the screen brightness as far as is practical, try reducing it by half, so we can talk no longer connect. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Use Screen Savers (Screensavers) simple: Using flashy screen savers and complicated, with many colors and motion graphics promotes greater consumption of energy shields that display the time or date, using a simple and speak for longer . Ringtones Usa Singles: The Musical Ringtones complex (incoming call alert) get to work on your phone processor, which uses more battery that alerts conventional and simple. Keep Volume Low Call Alert: We recommend keeping the volume as low as possible under the environmental noise conditions permit, you do not need the same volume in an office working on a busy street, as well optimize the life of your battery, your coworkers will thank you come down a little to "The cockroaches." Paying attention to time and place of use: Cell phones use more battery power when used in times when many users use the network, therefore, if you have an important call that can be done at 7 am or 1 pm, choose to do it early and have a greater autonomy of use. Mashable is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

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