November 2, 2014

Suddenly, Mrs. M. is gone and nobody knows where she is! You know the feeling of not knowing where your relative is just? The average life expectancy of women and men steadily through healthy nutrition and optimal medical care. But that age does not remain for all people without downsides. Now, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common disease of dementia, particularly of elderly people. The progressive memory loss makes not only those affected fear, but also the family members. Meanwhile, over a million people over the age of 65 suffer from dementia disease.

The steady loss of memory and mental abilities changed those affected. Many of you not alone cope with the everyday and lose touch with the world around them. Depending on the disease has progressed, the more they depend on care and support. Keep the person concerned a little independence, the company HIMATIC has a GPS clock in the Program, with the wearer of the watch in an emergency can summon help and the members at any time to determine the whereabouts of the person in a matter of seconds. The HIMATIC GPS watch alpha offers global tracking via SMS, alarm messages when leaving from predefined areas and low battery level, as well as an SOS emergency call to predetermined numbers. Any commercially available mobile wireless card works in the clock. The HIMATIC GPS watch Alpha is ideal for locating people with dementia, seniors, purpose or even anxious persons, the simply and at any time want to summon help. Arise due to the functioning of the HIMATIC GPS watch, except the normal SMS charges from your mobile wireless card any additional monthly fees.

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