August 9, 2017

A good brand Gaggenau recognizable by all gourmets and chefs throughout the world. The main direction is considered to be built in Gaggenau hobs, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, hoods and coffee machines. When choosing a refrigerator important to consider the following: – Capacity of freezer and refrigeration chambers. In Gaggenau fridge useful obbem reaches 470 l. With the average for this class of refrigerator 350-400 – Availability of special units for storage certain types of products. (in Gaggenau refrigerators are provided not only the two temperature zones, but such sections as: biofresh and NoFROST-Lining and materials.

Gaggenau Refrigerators inside covered with stainless steel, aluminum and glass shelves that can not only hygiene, but also to provide easy handling. -Special Features. Not least is given the special functionality of refrigeration and freezer camera. In refrigerators premium of course much larger and more diverse than in other classes. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. Gaggenau refrigerators can not only make ice cubes to cool water, but also (in some models) are equipped with mechanism enables you to adjust the height of the shelves, even when fully loaded it.

Gaggenau wine cabinets in these respects can be regarded as all but calling card brand. Gaggenau hoods combine the most efficient size, high power and thus create a minimum of noise and grease filter saturation indicator and pleasant lighting make Gaggenau hood is truly a work of art design and technical ideas. Gaggenau hoods are not only able to complement your kitchen, but also completely change your experience of cooking. Gaggenau makes hoods capable of running as for the removal and in the mode of air circulation, the versatility of this This allowed the company to take a strong position in the forefront of the market hoods. Most of Hood Gaggenau have 3 additional functional modes:-intensive. Gaggenau hoods allows quickly cleaned kitchen area from the smoke and fumes from residues. -Mode of the residual motion. This mode allows you to remove odors without leaving a trace that remains after cooking. Hood continues to work for some time after which automatically shuts off. Coanda-effect in Gaggenau hoods provide direct air flow allowing effectively absorb cooking evaporation with minimal noise. Gaggenau is trying to equip its models not only functionality and ease of management. To this end, provides a large digital display that all-important functions are always in sight.

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