Attack Rebatedor

December 25, 2012

It is necessary to have speed and agility, however its arm does not need to be so strong how much the too much gardeners externos.8. Central gardener Center to fielder: The player who must have greater speed and easiness in the launching of balls the long distance, therefore defends a bigger area of what of any the other player. He has covered the player of the second base and interbases.9. Gardener Right to fielder: Beyond the speed and of the agility in reacting to the plays, it must cover the players of first and the second bases whenever necessary. Attack Rebatedor/Batter: A rebatedor for time enters in batter box to try to strike the ball of the arremessador.

The objective is to strike more far possible so that it can conquer the four bases and mark a point. Runner* corridor: The objective of the corridor is to conquer the biggest number of bases with ‘ ‘ roubadas’ ‘ or rebatidas.* From the moment where the rebatedor makes right the ball, it passes to be called corridor/to runner In each entrance or inning, the teams alternate themselves enter attack and defense, being that such alternation occurs when three aggressors of each team is eliminated (out). In the categories of minors the game possesss 7 entrances; already in the categories youthful and adult, the game has the duration of 9 entrances. If, to the ending of 7 entrances (categories of minors) or 9 entrances (categories youthful and adult) the game will be tied up to, the dispute continues through the penalty or with extra entrances (extension) until one has equipped victorious skirt. In the Japanese professional baseball, if after 12 innings the teams continue tied up to, the game is given by locked up and tied up to. In the American professional, however, the game cannot finish tied up to, being that the teams dispute the game until has a winner.

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