Wireless Internet

June 17, 2017

If the channel is used for transfer to an external resource for something more illegal, for example – illegal porn, the problem may already be a much more serious. So insecure channel may also benefit from spammers, fans DoS-attacks and disseminators of malware or viruses. How to do it who at least for half a year used in your home wireless connection, most likely, discovered in an affordable range and other wireless networks. This is especially seen in large cities, for example, personally I have found four such networks. The relative ease of setup, availability of equipment have wi-fi popular among home users. Moreover, this kind of connection is designed so that typically include a computer-enabled wireless network, a user is automatically connected to an access point or see it in the list available. And then connect to unprotected Wi-Fi may be just a mistake. Even if you do not take into account the above unlikely 'horror stories' about the consequences of unauthorized access to your wireless network, you should at least protect your computer and Internet traffic.

But At byte paid access to the Internet – even more so. Depending on the complexity of hacking, there are several main types of wireless network security. To begin to change your password administrator user name (if possible), as well as an identifier SSID (network name) on the access point. As a rule, administrative credentials, the default, open and accessible to the majority of wireless equipment. Therefore, not replacing them, you risk once turned down when they log on and lose the ability to manage the wireless network (as long as no reset all the settings for the router or access point) Change the SSID is especially needed if you're in the neighborhood with other access points.

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