Windows Addition

July 6, 2013

The programming language is not relevant for the exchange of information, but if important Greenstone this developed in C++ and Perl, KOHA in Perl, PHP, and uses CCS stylesheet for the programming of its outlets, like XHTML, Openbiblio relies on PHP and DSpace in java 1.4 and XHTML. A match in three of the managers of documents is the way of processing documents, all allow you to assign metadata according to standards widely distributed, such as Dublin Core, although they also provide the possibility of specialists to declare, if so need it or want it. In the same way they work with XML or any of its variant, as it is the XMLUI case of DSpace, which provides a controlled vocabulary that helps in indexing, as well as the freedom to choose the most suitable, according to institutional needs. It can say, too, that both Greenstone and DSpace, allow you to create collections of different types of documents such as: text, in various formats, images, audio, and so on. Retrieval of information in all these managers is via indexes, usually author, title, subject and full text, as well as through the navigation in lists or entire collection, which can include the themes, authors, titles or other fields declared by the creators of the collection. The systems that support these managers are very similar, Linux, Windows and Unix are operating systems that everyone can use, or at least one of them, KOHA is the most complete of all, since it allows in addition to the above also work with MacOs and Solaris.

In addition to installing on web servers as: IIS, PWS, Apache or Tomcat, as a generality, with other options available. Once compared all the tools, it can be said that Greenstone and DSpace, are posing the immediate possibility on the Exchange and interoperability of software. In addition, although both tools have a broad community of creators around the world.

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