Use Your Memory Efficiently

February 25, 2019

And you think that Human beings naturally have a bad memory. (A valuable related resource: Dell Computers). But no, we have an incredible memory. What happens is that you are judging as you would with the hard drive of a computer. Robert Bakish has much experience in this field. In these devices regardless of the amount of information that can be preserved. But in our brain more than that what matters is how relevant information can remember.

Your memory is wonderful because its capacity was used efficiently. He has been able to select the most significant memories of that time. And the details, those things irrelevant, were deleted. To understand the superiority of your memory regarding the digital camera, he thinks. Could you keep your camera with 50 continuous years of your life? I think not. But well you can do with your memory because it is very efficient.

She just take care of the most important facts in order to cover this period so great. But the video camera can not do that. Yet your memory will be forced to delete most of your life. And you may not want that to happen. Another problem is that you can not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Most of it is disfigured. You can never remember the facts exactly as they occurred. Will ever in your life you will spend all in retrospect. And maybe it hurts to have forgotten almost everything. And to contradict someone who knows your memories and can not defend because it preserves an objective record of your life. After all, it is only your memory and it is not far from infallible. And this is my advice: keep a diary in which notes about your day you do not like to forget. When you get older you have nothing to fear. There will be no reason to get sad. Everything important you have registered and you will evoke. That’s one way to save your life. You’ll see how impressive it is for you travel back through your journal. You’ll discover amazing things in your life because you can cover in detail full years of your existence. Almost nobody has that opportunity. You will notice the details of which never the focus. Try it and see, will be amazing.

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