Uninstall Software

July 18, 2013

Clean / debug Videos: it is important to purification processes of videos that we don’t use, since they occupy a considerable slice of the hard disk. Files with .avi and .mov extensions are those who consume more space on the disk. A standard installation of Windows/Office97, for example, can leave you around 2 MB of video. Follow these instructions to find and remove videos that you don’t use: > open Windows Explorer; Press the right mouse button when the cursor is on the my computer icon, and select explore. > Launches the search files in tools search for files or folders > in the box that appears, enter *.avi (or *.mov without the quotation marks) to find the respective file types. > Double click on each of the files to see what (you must be able to see the video) and decide if you want to keep or delete.

To delete it, drag it to the trash recycling (don’t forget to empty the Recycle Bin). 4 Uninstall Software: in general, computers that are bought come with a number of included software and many of these applications simply don’t use them. There are also test applications that are installed and then want to remove from the system. The vast majority of applications today generate installation logs that allow that his retirement from the team even effective and comprehensive, and most important, without deleting files that are required by other programs. The recommendation is to always use the Windows Installer/uninstaller to remove programs that are no longer used. To do this effectively, follow this path: Start/Control Panel / Add or remove programs. It presents the list of programs that can be removed automatically, select that you want to delete by clicking the Add / Remove button and follow the instructions. 5. Free space on the hard disk: Although your computer’s hard drive is very large, is never over delete things that are not needed, however, it is not easy to determine which are those items that are they can be deleted without harming the stability of the computer.

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